Customer Support Specialist

Shyft Moving d.o.o.

od 40,000 do 60,000 RSD mesečno


Fuel to our customer centric vision - the Customer Support Representative isn’t your typical call centre position at Shyft. Combine soft skills with a willingness to go an extra mile or two in pursuit of first class customer experience.

We are bold. We challenge the status quo. We take care of each other. We are the advocates of having fun hard but working smart. We are Shyft, the pioneer of technology in the moving industry. Our goal is simple, to change the way the world moves.

Who are you?

When you’re all out of options - you improvise your way in. You might not be able to explain it, but you always have an ace of spades down your sleeve - and when you use it it’s always a win-win move.

You can talk the talk. For some puzzling reason, people are magnetically attracted to you. Everyone trusts you without a single ounce of doubt. You are a pure wordsmith, managing to take even the worst possible sounding message and make it into a poem.

You can also walk the walk. Taking on responsibility comes naturally - you often find yourself putting more and more on your plate, but then you chew like crazy until the plate is clean again.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. If you don’t let the bad get you down, but rather motivate you to excel, you have the spirit we need.

You’re all ears. You don’t let stuff go in one ear and out the other, but believe that listening is the key to fruitful communication. The average person listens with only 25% efficiency, horrifying, right?

You are a perfect mingle of proactive and reactive. You are quick to act and quick to react to whatever is thrown at you.

Above all else, you value the journey above the destination. We want to make sure that our customers get on an amazing journey through their experience with us.


We will not be a good fit for you if: You enjoy a structured, corporate world. You’d rather work in a call centre office. You don’t like dynamic environments. You are too focused on clearing your inbound list and less on providing exceptional experience.

The nitty-gritty stuff.

If you are still reading this ...Here’s the deal. You will be part of Shyft’s brand new team within the Customer Support unit, dealing with one of our biggest clients leads. You won’t be pressured to perform with meaningless call center KPI and metric systems.

Imagine working from a beach or a cozy cabin in the woods - well you can since this position for the time being will be remote. We will provide all necessary equipment for you to perform your job, it’s up to you to determine from which spot that will be from. koristi kolačiće kako bi vam pružao najbolje korisničko iskustvo. Nastavkom korišćenja sajta smatraćemo da ste saglasni sa korišćenjem kolačića. Saznaj više